Welcome to the website of the Liquor Commission of Western Australia.

It is proposed the Liquor Commission will close over the Christmas break from 20 December 2021 through to 17 January 2022.

The Liquor Commission is established under section 8 of the Liquor Control Act 1988 to provide a flexible system with as little formality and technicality as practicable. The Commission came into effect on 7 May, 2007 to replace the Liquor Licensing Court which was established in 1988.

Responsibilities of the Commission include:

  • determining liquor licensing matters referred by the Director of Liquor Licensing;
  • conducting reviews of certain decisions made by the Director, or a single Member of the Commission;
  • conducting reviews into decisions based on a question of law;
  • determining complaints and disciplinary matters in accordance with section 95 of the Liquor Control Act 1988;
  • making binding, high-level decisions in accordance with Liquor Control Act 1988;
  • awarding costs associated with matters before the Commission;
  • reporting annually to the Minister for Racing and Gaming on activities of the Commission; and
  • reporting to the Minister for Racing and Gaming, when requested to do so, on the jurisdiction and functions of the Commission, including the provision of high-level policy advice relevant to liquor control matters.

In making its decisions, the Commission takes into account the objects of the Act –

  1. to regulate the sale, supply and consumption of liquor; and
  2. to minimize harm or ill-health caused to people, or any group of people, due to the use of liquor; and
  3. to cater for the requirements of consumers for liquor and related services, with regard to the proper development of the liquor industry and other hospitality industries in the State;
  4. to facilitate the use and development of licensed facilities, including their use and development for the performance of live original music, reflecting the diversity of the requirements of consumers in the State; and
  5. to provide adequate controls over, and over the persons directly or indirectly involved in, the sale, disposal and consumption of liquor.

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