14. Commission’s records, access to

1.  In this rule — electronic recording means any electronic or magnetic recording of sounds or moving images or both.
2.  This rule is subject to any other written law that relates to the possession or publication of documents and other records or to the possession of any thing.
3.  A party is entitled, on request, to inspect and obtain a copy of any of the following documents lodged with the Commission that relate to the proceedings — 
  a.    an application under the Act;
  b.  a plan lodged in relation to an application under the Act;  
  c.  a certificate under section 39 or 40 of the Act;  
  d.  an application under section 46 of the Act;  
  e.  submission to the Commission relating to public interest;  
  f.  the constitution and rules of a club;
  g.  a notice of objection under the Act.  
4.    A party is not entitled to inspect or obtain a copy of the any other document lodged with the Commission.
5.  With the leave of the Commission, a party may listen to or view, and obtain a written transcript of — 
  a.  any electronic recording tendered to the Commission in the proceedings; or
  b.  any electronic recording of the relevant proceedings.  


Further, Schedule 1 of the Rules provide for a charge of $5.00 per page for the supply of a document or transcript of an electronic recording under Rule 14.

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