Lodging a Complaint for Disciplinary Action

A complaint lodged to the Commission under section 95 can be made by the –

  1. Director;
  2. Commissioner of Police, except on the grounds referred to in subsections (4)(c), (d), (n) or (o);
  3. By the local government of the district in which the licensed premises are situated or of any adjoining district, except on the grounds referred to in subsection 4(d), (f), (h), (m), (n), (o).

The complaint must include –

  1. Name of Complainant;
  2. Address of Complainant;
  3. Contact Person and their details;
  4. Name of Licensee;
  5. Name of Premises;
  6. Licence Number;
  7. Address for Service of Documents;
  8. That proper cause for disciplinary action exists and set out the grounds on which that allegation is based referring to the relevant sections of the Act;
  9. What action is being sought pursuant to the powers of section 96 of the Act; and
  10. A date and signature.

The complaint can be lodged by –

  1. hand delivery; 
      1st Floor 
      87 Adelaide Terrace 
      East Perth 6004

  2. pre-paid post to -
      Post Office Box 6119 
      East Perth, 6892 

  3. facsimile transmission to 9325 1041; or

  4. email to executive@liquorcommission.wa.gov.au.

A copy of the complaint must be served immediately on the licensee.

The Director, if satisfied that the safety, health or welfare of the public so requires,may impose a condition on, or vary or suspend the operation of a previous conditionimposed on a licence, to have effect pending determination of the complaint.

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