Application for review of the Director's decision

Where a person who is a party to proceedings before the Director and is dissatisfied with the decision made, the person can apply to the Commission for a review of that decision.

 The application for review must be made within one (1) month after the applicant receives notice of the decision or such longer period as the Commission may allow. A written submission must be made to the Commission for consideration of an application received outside the one month time frame.

A copy of the application is to be served immediately on the Director and every other person who was a party to the proceedings before the Director.

The application must clearly state -

  1. name, address and telephone number of the applicant;
  2. decision the applicant would like reviewed;
  3. grounds of the application; and
  4. date of the decision.
Please note: The Director's decision will have effect unless the Commission, by way of an interim order (in some cases), otherwise directs.

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